The RECORDING of "Making Mugs for Every Day" Online Workshop May 20th, 2023

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Purchase the download of THE RECORDING of "Making Mugs for Every Day". This recording does not expire. It is a download through Google Drive that you will have indefinitely, for your personal use. Register here to receive a link to the download. Please allow two hours for the link to come through on your email. I send them as I receive them. Thanks!

The Recording of "Making Mugs For Every Day" Online Workshop
Saturday May 20th, 2023
9am-12pm Mountain Time

One of the pots most often used, and most often made by potters, is the everyday mug. Cups with handles are a warmup or a "sketch" for researching new forms in the studio. They are one of the most affordable pots, making them accessible to most audiences. In spite of all this, they are also one of the most challenging pots to make well. In this online workshop, we will dissect various types of mugs and handles. We will focus on mugs that are intended to both hold up to everyday use, and be interesting to look at. Starting with a simple cylindrical mug with a handle, the workshop will culminate with pots composed of more complex convex and concave curves.

This three-hour session will include an image presentation, demonstrations, and a question and answer session. Demonstrations will include throwing, altering, pulling handles, assembling, and line decoration. Hosted on the Zoom platform, the class will be geared toward observation with the option of going back and trying the newly learned techniques later. Participate during the scheduled time and/or learn from viewing the recording later. The recording will not expire and you will have the opportunity to download it. Come make mugs for every day with me!

Please allow several hours for the workshop link to come through on your email. I send them as I receive them. Thanks!

Cost $50