The RECORDING of "Decorating: Creating Connections Between Form & Surface" Online Workshop 1/15/22


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"Decorating: Creating Connections Between Form & Surface" Online Workshop
January 15th 11am - 2pm MST

In this online workshop, participants will learn several types of surface decoration in both greenware and bisque ware stages. Greenware techniques covered will include: drawing on leather hard clay with the inlay technique often known as Mishisma, water etching on bone dry clay to create decorative texture, and making stamps to create patterns. Techniques used in the glazing stage will include: using wax, latex, and brushes to glaze pots. Participants will receive a list of cone 6 and cone 10 glaze recipes. This three hour session will include an image presentation, demonstrations, and a question and answer session. Hosted on the Zoom platform, the class will be geared toward observation. Participants are encouraged to go back and try the techniques in their home studio later. Participate during the scheduled time and/or learn from viewing the recording later.